Our story

We are a local family run independent business inspired by the bustling streets of London. We wanted to create an industrial brand. The whole London look really inspired us – so with help of our eldest son Jamie who lives in the big city, had ideas for lighting – We researched endlessly to get it right. Wall decoration are made up from recycled products and wooden scaffold board, stainless steel tubing and filament mood lighting.

We retired from our jobs with help of family and friends who supported us to open our first Craftyard Gin & Craft beer bar in the summer of 2017, located in Tring, Hertfordshire. We have 10 Craft beers Taps and 70 Gins ranging from traditional to more eccentric flavours. We always wanted it to be about the experience, so we like to introduce new and exciting gin and beers to our customers. We will always try to offer a taste of 2 or 3 products available at the time before they buy.  We continuously change our beers and introduce new gins to keep the experience fresh for our customers.  We also have a couple of “stayers” as we know all our customers enjoy their taste. We are continually looking for the next best gins to introduce at the Craft Yard.

When we first opened our experience within the hospitality industry was limited and even now we sometimes struggle, we hoped that customers would appreciate our honesty. Customers’ patience has been amazing, and we are truly grateful for that, thank you.

In spring of 2018 we recognised the growth in the Gin and craft beer industry and were fortunate to expand to a secondary site in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. This site is much bigger. It has a large outside space including a terrace area. It also has two function rooms at the front of the building where private parties have been a Hugh success. It has been extremely important for us to create a friendly environment where all customers feel relaxed and comfortable whist visiting our bars whether they visit alone or in larger groups . We strive and encourage customers from a wide diverse community to enjoy all our products and the relaxed space that we have created.